Unbelievable – The Baby

Thursday April 25, 2002 20:56:30

Kim & Mark

So here’s the story….. We’re sitting in the attic watching the Bruins and the dog is barking down on the first floor – I go to the landing and see her running back & forth in front of the front door. I call Mark & tell him he needs to find out what’s outside. He opens the front door and there is one of the baby owls from the backyard nest. We just can’t believe our eyes. Mark puts on a pair of heavy gloves and reaches out for it and lifts in on his hand.  

The baby is happy that we answered the door. He now is in a box in the garage with a blanket and eating a hamburger, deli turkey and some water. We’ll find out tomorrow what we need to do next. It’s snowing out and we don’t want to just put it in the woods and hope the mother will find it. And, we certainly won’t answer the door tonite if the doorbell rings. Pictures to come soon. This owl is a big as a cat – loves his neck rubbed. Kim & Mark

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