Thailand Europe Free Trade Agreement

Abandoning tariffs under the EU free trade agreement would boost Thailand`s economy by 1.28 percent, or Bt 200 billion, said trade negotiations director-general Auramon Supthaweethum, referring to a study by the Institute of Future Studies for Development. Thai health campaigners intend to remind Thai and European negotiators that the free trade agreement should not cover intellectual property rights (IPRS) that go beyond the already strict WTO obligations (TRIPS). Such provisions would only strengthen the monopolies of multinational pharmaceutical companies, increase drug prices and create new barriers to access to cheap generic drugs. Bilateral trade between Thailand and the EU amounted to $44.5 billion in 2019, or 9.2% of the country`s world trade. Of total exports, $23.58 billion was spent on exports and imports amounted to $20.91 billion. “There is no human right to achieve commercial interests, but there is a universal right to health! This is what EU delegates must have in mind when negotiating the trade agreement with Thailand and other countries,” said Astrid Berner-Rodoreda of Action against AIDS Germany. The European Union is ready to resume discussions on the EU-EU free trade agreement as soon as possible, as the senior officials have stressed. The EU suspended the free trade agreement in May 2014. Since then, they have not believed that this military government is democratic.

Following the events of recent months, the EU should be certain that the current Thai government is indeed a dictator. However, Thailand still exports much more money to the EU than the EU exports to Thailand. Thailand achieves this by making imports uncompetitive due to high Thai tariffs. Have you ever wondered why a cereal box can cost twice as much as in Europe? 30-50% tariffs on imported processed foods are the cause. What right does Europe have for Thai processed products imported into Europe? Zero is my guess, or 8% maximum. Thailand uses corruption to ward off imports of foreign food. In fact, Vietnam and Singapore have a free trade agreement with the EU. I would not trade with Thailand, but Thailand will only sell to another country, and that country will sell to the EU, perhaps without unloading the ships. In fact, they did not, because there was no free trade agreement – they ended the discussions.

Thailand resumes trade negotiations with the European Union over the long delay of the free trade agreement between Thailand and the EU.

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