Spectrum Residential Services Agreement

Sandy Pines offers bulk spectrum high-definition cable and broadband Internet services for all park and condo members. Charter or other communications company`s private cable, Internet and telephone services are not available in the park. Charter-Spectrum Bulk-Service is available for the park at discounted prices that allow us to transfer savings to our members. To discuss a bulk cable or Internet service, contact Sandy Pines Member Service at 616-896-8315 Many people in the park use netTALK, Magic Jack, Ooma and Vonage services, to name a few. Most of these services are very affordable and offer unlimited U.S. calls for less than 50 $US per year. They also offer portability to take your number with you wherever you go. This works very well for snowbirds that migrate in winter. You will receive a small portable device the size of a thumb reader with each service that will allow you to use a conventional landline phone or smartphone with your service. Please note that since it is an Internet telephony service, if you are on the Internet, your phone is also turned off. If you have a fairly new internet service and smartphone (in the last 2-3 years), all mobile operators now offer free Wi-Fi calls that allow you to call in areas of low coverage, while being connected to a powerful Wi-Fi signal.

Find your phone model through your provider to see if Wi-Fi calls are supported on your device. If this is the case, you activate wi-Fi calls through your phone`s settings and you may not need to subscribe to separate phone services. There are many affordable and reliable VOIP services in the park if you have an Internet service. What is VOIP? It means Voice Over Internet Protocol and simply means an Internet telephony service. Charter Residential offers VOIP services through their bundled packages, but as Charter no longer offers residential services in the park, this option is no longer available. Printed copies of the list of cable TV channels are available in the member service office or can be accessed on Channel 9.4. The QAM digital cable system does not offer an interactive TV guide or DVR service like most traditional residential services.

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