Service Level Agreement Adobe

The problem results in severe normal operating interruptions or the problem has a negative impact on the introduction of a company-wide production system. In a production system, important tasks cannot be accomplished, but the error does not affect essential operations. Transformation may continue to be limited. The integrity of the data may be compromised. In a development system, the problem prevents the provision. The service requirement requires timely processing, as malfunction can result in serious interruptions of critical processes or negative effects on business decisions. Adobe reserves the right to change the response times to the target from time to time with a reasonable margin of appreciation, but under no circumstances should such changes result in: a) reducing support for the level of assistance described here; (b) significantly reduced obligations for Adobe; or (c) significantly reduced customer fees. Adobe will make available to the customer 60 days before the written notification of substantial changes to the response times targeted in the target time. Adobe Service`s commitments below describe Adobe`s service availability for products and services in the sales order, provided that Service Commitments (s) Terms and Services (s) are specifically associated (1) with the corresponding order (or other order document) or (2) with the corresponding order (or any other ordering document). Adobe provides live technical support services for people designated by the customer as support administrators on the admin console on a 24x7x365 basis. Regional language support, provided it is available, is available Monday to Friday (Friday, local time from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., except national holidays and Adobe-set holidays).

Outside of these periods, support is only available in English. After registration, Adobe makes available to the customer the corresponding phone numbers to use for support and support sites accessible for unlimited online support, depending on the customer`s location and licensed Adobe products. The problem causes extremely serious interruptions to a customer`s production system and has affected or could affect the entire user community. Tasks that need to be performed immediately cannot be performed due to a complete system crash or interruption of the main functions of the production system. The integrity of the data is at risk. The request for service requires immediate processing, as the problem can result in financial losses. Adobe will do everything in its power to confirm receipt of the service request within the target response time. Adobe will make appropriate economic efforts to diagnose and remedy the problem, which could take the form of eliminating the shortage, updating or demonstrating how to avoid the effects of the shortage with an economically reasonable effort. Despite Adobe`s reasonable efforts, not all problems can be solved. Processing time begins with the date and time Adobe`s customer service team confirms receipt of the service request. If the service request cannot be resolved within an economically reasonable time, the service request may be degenerated within the Adobe Customer Care organization. The technical contact indicated by the customer must be available to work with Adobe Customer Care, while Adobe is in the process of resolving the service request.

Purchasing Assistance Services before May 23, 2016 Support services for each product are limited to the hardware, platform and operating systems mentioned in the product system requirements documentation. Adobe has the right to modify or cease the manufacture and development of any of the products and support available for these products at any time, provided Adobe agrees not to discontinue product support for the customer`s paid support period, subject to termination clauses in the end-user license agreement between the customer and Adobe. or these terms and conditions.

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