Sendgrid Gdpr Agreement

Representations, guarantees and alliances. The OEM user assures, guarantees and obliges that: a) The OEM user has the right and the power to conclude this agreement; (b) OEM users have the right and authority to fulfill its obligations under this agreement and to grant the rights and licences outlined in this agreement, as well as all applicable additional agreements concluded by OEM User under one of the services provided under this agreement; (c) all content (as defined below) is consistent with the provisions of this agreement; (d) OEM users will have access to the services provided under this contract and will use them in accordance with the terms of this agreement and all laws, rules and rules that apply to its obligations under this agreement; (e) OEM users will not export or re-export the service unless in accordance with the U.S. Export Administration Act and related and similar non-U.S. rules and regulations. State-imposed restrictions, if any; (f) OEM users will not allow the export, export or re-export of the service (i) to (or to a national or inhabitant) of a country subject to a terrorist embargo or support; (ii) to people in the United States. The Department of Commerce`s refusal orders table or the list of designated U.S. Treasury Department nationals, (iii) in any country in which such export or re-export is limited or prohibited or in which the U.S. government or authority requires an export or other state authorization at the time of export or re-export, without such a licence or authorization being granted, or (iv) otherwise violates the Export or Import Act; and (g) oEM users are not in a national or resident of a prohibited country or on a prohibited party list, which appears in point (f) below. 12.1 Twilio Audit Program. Twilio uses external auditors to verify the relevance of its security measures regarding the handling of the customer`s content. These audits are carried out at least once a year at Twilio`s expense by independent third-party security experts when Twilio is selected and result in the establishment of a confidential audit report. A description of Twilio`s certifications and/or standards for the review of Twilio services is available at; and (b) SendGrid Services are available at

11.1 Security measures. Twilio has implemented and maintains the technical and organizational measures provided for in security checks to protect personal data from a security incident. For more information on technical and organizational security measures for Twilio services, please visit and (b) SendGrid services at SendGrid provides certain services related to the development, transmission, analysis and management of e-mail messages and other communications and digital tools (the “services”) via the website to and other websites that can be designated by SendGrid (the “site” or jointly the “websites”). All access and use of the services available on the website is subject to the terms of this Agreement. If you want to access and use publicly available parts of the Service and Site, you can only do so in accordance with this Agreement. If you have placed an order (through the Site, email, phone or other means) with SendGrid (your “order”) to access some of the services requiring registration, SendGrid is ready to accept your order and grant you access and use of these services only if you comply with this Agreement.

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