Police Verification For Rental Agreement In Pune

A separate tour depends on the locations and is calculated in addition. Police verification can help in an informed way: the owner can also request 1-2 personal information that the owner can call and ask the person and verify their data. Family and friends are a good source to check on the tenant. If the person doesn`t have illegitimate records, they won`t hesitate to share a few references, but you don`t always need to get all the information, as some tenants may not easily share their parents` contact numbers. In this situation, it is better to ask for the number of friends or colleagues just to save them. Mr. Chandrakant Patil, Minister of Public Revenue; S Chockalingam, Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and K Venkatesham, Commissioner of Police of Pune, were present for the launch of the initiative. .

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