Logistics Agreement With Russia

The agreements with the UK and Vietnam are under discussion, one of the sources said. The agreement with Russia, Mutual Logistics Assistance (ARLS), is expected to be signed at the bilateral summit between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Vladimir Putin in mid-October, Roman Babushkin, deputy head of the Russian embassy`s mission in India, said earlier this week. New Delhi: About five years after the signing of a pioneering logistical support agreement with the United States, India is ready to sign an identical pact with the Russians. India already has similar support pacts to support defence logistics with the United States, France, Singapore and Australia. New Delhi is expected to conclude such a pact with Japan and with Russia, India`s troubled friend and main defense supplier. Such defence logistics support pacts ensure that defence platforms in one country, including ships and aircraft, can use the other country`s bases for repairing and filling stocks, including fuel and spare parts. “Over the past few years, the Indian Navy conducted a multi-mission operation with 12-15 IN warships operating independently in the Indo-Pacific to monitor critical asphyxiation points along the Indian Ocean, ensure traffic safety, improve maritime awareness, provide humanitarian and disaster relief, combat unconventional and unconventional security threats, and a host of other functions. It is not possible for each ship to be accompanied by a logistics support vessel – the availability of logistical and maintenance assistance in welcoming ports is therefore essential for these operations to be successful,” says Commodore Singh.┬áThese agreements increase the reach of navies, who do not have to deal with logistics, as it is guaranteed that the partner country will meet all requirements in a timely manner,” he adds. In June, India and Australia signed Mutual Logistics Assistance (MLSA), strengthened their partnership for a comprehensive strategic partnership and also announced a joint declaration on a common vision of maritime cooperation in the Indo-Pacific area. The logistics pact with Japan, reciprocal procurement and services between the armed forces, was signed earlier this week.

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