How To Check Interline Agreement In Amadeus

1. Check your valid carrier and call the marketing or operating carrier to make sure there is an interline agreement. 2. If you used the UI entry, make sure that the airline code used in the entry is the same as the code used to create the TSM mask. 3. If the problem persists and you are sure that the request is valid, contact your support service (or representative). To support the investigation and speed up the processing time, please provide the following information: in codeshare and operation situations, flight segments have the same code as the valid airline, but are operated by other airlines. The ITA table is checked between the valid airline and the airline defined in DEI50. Note: DEI50 is an SSIM message that relates to comments displayed in a flight information (DO) message. 50 Duplicate Leg Cross Reference – Operation Leg Identification is the marketing airline`s comment indicating the operating flight number.

At the time of ticket issuance, Amadeus Vista also checks whether there is a valid interline agreement between the airline and the airlines on the route. The ITA table is checked when using the entry: TTP/ET/TKT The Interline Ticketing Agreement (ITA) table refers to the list of airlines that have concluded an existing ticketing agreement with other airlines. EmD-Interline-Interline with marketing carrier Valid carrier must have EMD-Interline agreements with any marketing carrier that is part of the application. EMD Interline Agreements with the Executive Carrier The valid carrier must have an EMD Interline Contract with each performing carrier that is part of the codeshare application. EmD-Interline with valid ETKT carrier (EMD-A only) If the EMD to be issued is an EMD-A and the valid EMD carrier is independent of the valid carrier ETKT, the valid EMD carrier must have indications with the valid carrier ETKT: – the valid carrier ETKT is determined from the number issued in TSM-P – No interline test applies; if TSM-P is issued in document form The valid airline is checked using a GNP (Billing and Settlement Plan) table to verify whether or not the airline is participating in the GNP. To view online ticketing agreements for a valid airline or between two airlines with TGAD entry. In case of problems, always check if there are flights in the itinerary operated by another company (codeshare). Don`t confuse online ticketing agreements with codeshare or airlines: for a list of airlines for which Amadeus verifies interline agreements, go to the Amadeus Vista order page and enter TGAD. Important: Airline agreements must not be reciprocal.

Interlining is when flights are mixed from different airline codes in the PNR route. In this case, the ITA table is checked. 2. To check the interline agreement between two airlines, enter: TGAD-YY/ZZ (YY being the second valid airline and ZZ). . 6X and YY have an electronic ITA, which makes it possible to obtain an E-Ticket on the LH plates. However, flight 6X is operated by another airline (another company) and the issuance of 6X tickets is therefore refused. 1.

View the billing/reporting plan for each country. For example, for the Spanish market: TGBD-ES You may get this error message in different situations. For example, the example above means that 7X flights can be booked on the 6X plate. You will also find on this page interline traffic agreements that contain a complete list of airlines available for ticket issuance on the HR-169 documents of the corresponding GDS. 1. To view this table, type: TGAD-YY (where YY is the two-digit airline code) You can imagine GNP as a kind of giant accounting department that makes the money transfer (money generated by ticket sales by your agency) and your commission between you, the travel agency and the valid airline…

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