Facebook Developer License Agreement

Anyway, you don`t want to skip that precious chord from your app. You can find everything about your question here: developers.facebook.com/policy. The Terms govern your use of Oculus products for your personal, non-commercial use. We may allow limited use of Oculus Products for commercial or commercial purposes under these Terms, only in accordance with Oculus` separate Terms of Use and any other applicable terms to which they relate. By using Oculus products for such commercial or commercial purposes, in accordance with these Terms, you agree to Oculus` terms and conditions. In addition, we endorse the use of Oculus products for commercial or commercial purposes, in accordance with the Oculus for Business Enterprise Agreement (business.oculus.com/legal/enterprise-use-agreement/-Seite Statement) and any other applicable terms to which it relates. Keep your Facebook app compliant by creating and providing these two important legal agreements. Facebook also explains it via its GDPR developer FAQ (highlighting ours). This is the URL field of the privacy policy in your account dashboard where you must add the URL to this agreement: Facebook reserves the right to stop providing services if a developer does not comply with the rules by stating: “If you violate the letter or spirit of this statement or if you create a risk or possible legal exposure for us, we may stop providing you with Facebook in whole or in part. » Наша Дополнительная политика использования данных Oculus (привенная на стррание oculus.com/legal/privacy-policy/) допонннят Политику использования данных Facebook (приведеную на странице facebook.com/policy/) и наряду с нй содерпитт раззяснеия я я о тоом, как мы собираем, используем и передаем информацию прию использовании вами Продуктов Oculus.

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