External Access Agreement

Goldberg says the agreement also states that your team will only use the remote connection if necessary and that the connection will not be open longer than necessary. Bob Goldberg, General Counsel of the Retail Solutions Providers Association (RSPA), says an agreement is needed to give an MSP or dealer express permission to access remotely. This consent is usually part of the maintenance or support contract you have with your customers. Remote remote control/access solutions offer significant benefits to managerial service providers (MSPs) and their customers. They allow a technician to take control of a user`s computer remotely to perform maintenance work, install applications, solve problems or conduct training, saving time and costs to get to the customer`s site. Remote control solutions can also lead to faster, more convenient service and solve your customers` problems. Your RAS agreement should indicate that your organization is responsible for remote connection access and that you limit access to authorized personnel only through security measures and best practices, for example.B.: If necessary, a support technician may decide to assist in the installation of the purchased SSL certificate or to assist in case of problems with the certificate by connecting to a server and making the necessary changes. This type of support can be provided by Remote Access, which allows Xolphin`s support engineer to access the server (or server you control). These services are governed by Xolphin`s terms and conditions of sale (www.xolphin.com/terms). Goldberg provided part of the draft contract to RSPA members: the rest of the agreement should determine who is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of security solutions such as firewall and antivirus. If end-user staff also use remote access, you determine whether it is managed by the same system and who is responsible for controlling access.

Remote access agreements give consent to remote connections, define your responsibilities as well as those of your customers, and limit liability. With an RAS agreement, you and your client have a written reminder of the services you will provide, the best practices you will follow and a clear delineation of each party`s responsibilities. The agreement can help avoid misunderstandings – and security vulnerabilities that can arise if one or both parties do not meet the terms they have agreed. However, before you connect to a client`s computer, make sure you have defined the terms of the remote services you provide in an RAS agreement.

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