Agreement On The Implementation

The implementation agreement usually includes obligations of the supplier to the government, for example. B as regards compliance with environmental legislation, dumping of fuel on national fuel markets, etc. Performance agreements provide for direct contractual and contractual obligations between the government and the supplier or project company: the government is generally not a party to the electricity reception contract. The installation of a power plant often requires government contributions in the form of assistance in obtaining the necessary authorizations, committing to ensure that the distribution company fulfils its obligations (sometimes in the form of a guarantee) when the supplier fears that the distribution company is not or does not have the financial capacity to meet its obligations. Implementation generally includes government obligations with respect to the supplier`s export, import and taxation duties. . Implementation Agreement (Example 4) – Standard Implementation Agreement established by an international law firm as part of a series of documents for the Pakistan Private Power and Infrastructure Board, as well as an ECA and a pricing plan. The parties negotiate transitional provisions of Indian law to the First Nation government, which are set out in the Final Agreement and the Implementing Agreement. Any termination of the performance agreement shall not affect the rights that a party may have against the other party as a result of an infringement committed by that other party before the end of the performance agreement. .

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