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Saturday February 18, 2012   08:52:38
Edward Holloway
I live on the Gulf Coast. I have not been able to photograph my owls, but have been watching several owls on my farm for several months now. They appearr to look and sound like Great Horned owls, are remarkable “hooters” and have brought my family a lot of pleasure. We have observed two larger ones and one smaller bird. We are able to see their “ears” and have been thrilled to see them soar from large pecan tree to pecan tree. Of course, they are most active around midnight, and just before dawn. We are just outside of Mobile, Alabama.

Sunday January 29, 2012   12:04:58
Orhan Birol
After hearing GHO hoot at 5AM, got up and after a search of 40 min, found them percing on an oak branch. A week later I found the nest and the female incubating, it has been a week already. How do i read the book?

Saturday January 21, 2012   19:17:00
Cindy Jackson
Hi Guys! You were in Go Fish today and became the proud new owners of the owl chimenea. Loved your story of the owls and had to come home and have a look. Awesome! I still think it would make an amazing childrens’ book.Thanks for sharing….it was great to see you today. Hope to see you at Go Fish again. I think we need a picture of you new Owl at your home for our Facebook page. Take care and God Bless. Cindy Jackson

Tuesday January 17, 2012   17:23:00
Oops — I had one hoo too many. Should’ve been “Hoo (pause) hoo-hoo-hoo (pause) hoo.” And there’s a slight emphasis on the second hoo in that middle sequence of three hoos –and a very subtle pause. Or maybe my owl has a jazzy style.

Tuesday January 17, 2012   16:50:03
At about 7:30 on Sat night I heard an owl calling from my woods. He said “Hoo (pause) hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo (pause) hoo” every 10 to 15 seconds or so. Could this be a GHO? Several months ago, we spotted a screach owl once in a hollow of our aging crabapple tree. Still haven’t hung the owl house but I’m wondering: Do GHOs like owl houses? Be fun to build a big one — I’m assuming it would have to be very big.

Thursday January 05, 2012   15:08:55
The crows were upset about something this morning, I assumed they were chasing another hawk. A couple hours later our neighbor called to say there was a GHO on his picnic table with a rabbit..of which there haven’t been many around this winter. Probably a female, she was huge. She tolerated our watching her for quite awhile. She flew from the table finally, leaving behind a pile of entrails. Later a smaller GHO showed up with a chorus line of crows and jays.

Friday April 22, 2011   22:01:00
Judith O’Neil
I have lived in my house over 40 years but this is the first time a pair of owls took nest in my big oak trees. Just today 4/22/11 two pair of baby owls were hatched and I can see them peeking down at me. They have grey heads and big eyes. I am so excited. I do hope they stay with me as I live by a creek so there is lots of food.

Tuesday March 01, 2011   18:38:12
Loved your story and the photos especially. Cannot believe that you could hold the baby and the parents allowed it. I am tortured by the near presence of a great horned owl that is around my yard and hoots after dusk but this a pretty hilly and wooded area on a reservoir and I have never seen him, although I frequently go out looking for him. Any suggestions? I am outside phhiladelphia

Saturday January 29, 2011   04:28:29
I’m up all night 4 various reasons. I smoke- always outside. Last summer I was “dive bombed” twice by a large bird- once it got some of my hair! I stopped smoking outside in the dark at that point. 2nite I heard the back and forth of two GHO’s discussing mating issues. I had the porch lite on 2nite. The (huge) male then swooped down at me and the two continued their discussion! i got my marine spotlight and had a good look at the two of them in all of their magnificence! Thanks so much from Falmouth MA 4 having this site 2 report sightings.

Thursday January 27, 2011   12:50:30
Ms. Albert’s class
Dear Kim and Mark, Your nephew, Matthew, is in our class this year!!! We have been studying about owls and his family shared your website with us. We are so impressed with everything that you have done to save your Great Horned Owl. Our class is studying about different species, characteristics, eating habits (we dissected owl pellets), limiting factors for owls…the children have made baby owlets out of pine cone and fluff. They have researched quite a bit about the owl specie of their choice. We are enjoying your site! Thank you. Ms. Albert’s 2nd graders

Friday October 09, 2009   20:55:12
Several years ago I thought I saw a large owl on our roof when I looked out the bathroom window in the middle of the night. But yesterday morning I know I heard 2 Great Horned owls calling in my front yard. At 6:25 am I let the dog out he started barking (something he only does when there is something out there usually a deer) I did not want to wake the neighbors so I went out to see what it was and hush him, only to be amazed that 2 owls were calling almost over my head. I tried to locate if it was roof, or tree(3 right there) and could not. Moved down the driveway to see one after another fly off across the field across the street….Very cool. I live next to a park in Rochester NY.

Monday September 07, 2009   05:09:26
John S
Woke up about 3:30 am to the exact sound recorded on your sight. Went out excited, but kind of sheepishly as we live in a condensed neighborhood in the southern burbs of Philadelphia. Found what I assume was a GHO perched on a very tall flagpole in a nearby schoolyard. He was facing a field but took off when I came around in front of him. Heard him last night too but dismissed it & fell asleep. Hope he hangs around for awhile 🙂

Tuesday August 25, 2009   21:41:34
All summer I have been taking pictures of a GHO family (at least 4 birds) living in my neighborhood. They seem to roost at dusk in an old dead tree, call to each other, then rendezvous in another tree. It’s almost like they are planning their attack strategy. We can hear them getting rabbits during the night, but I have also seen them around mid-day. I have been awed as I watched them feeding and preening each other. They are HUGE birds, and their wing-spans are REALLY impressive! I have heard more of the screeching sounds than hooting and have just learned that young birds make the screech when they are hungry. My bird-watcher friends and I have had a great time trying to figure out what they will do next. They seem to have taken over an old squirrel nest and have been around for about 2 years now. We like them being here because they have really cut down on an annoying and destructive squirrel population. Watching them has become very addictive! Thanks so much for the amazing pictures and information. I would like to see your book. I live in a woodsy area of a small city in North Georgia. These owls swoop and dive around us when we watch them and are almost tame.

Saturday July 25, 2009   22:33:38
sharon emery
Just got hooted at by a Great Horned who dropped by my backyard to see if there were any stragglers at my feeding areas. I am in southwest rural Dallas.

Tuesday July 14, 2009   10:26:40
I live in Central Florida and I saw one of these owls in my back yard while swimming in my pool. He was perched on a tree nearby,probably looking for squirrels (we have a lot of them here). We haven’t seen ANY squirrels these past few days, since I saw the owl. We’re trying to keep our cat indoors now.

Friday May 22, 2009   19:41:31
Amy Carter
I have found a baby great horned owl in my yard. I have been watching him all day. I have never seen the parents. He was on a low branch by my porch this morning and there were two blue jays harrassing him. Then he fell out of the tree and onto the ground where my little Cairn Terrier pounced him. I don’t think he is hurt, but very scared. I didn’t want to touch him, so I put a small dog crate next to him and left since the jays were still dive-bombing him. Then he flopped around and went right into the crate. I am just leaving him alone, but I don’t know what to do. He is just a ball of fluff and can’t fly. I have contacted a lady in my area (Sequatchie County, TN) who rehabilitates hawks and owls. I hope she calls me back. Any other suggestions? HELP! I don’t know anything about birds, especially owls!

Thursday April 30, 2009   12:24:10
I happen to have a family living in my yard as well. This is year number three for them. This year they have three babies and are all branchers now. As in flying between two trees in my backyard and I am in Woodland hills, CA

Monday April 27, 2009   21:20:05
robert miczke
i have never seen a great horned owl in the wild except in a zoo i live in the city of boston nd what we have here is a red-tailed hawks, there was a pair roosting in a billboard over I-93-in dorchester, they were a lot of field mice due to a store being there,and they feasted

Friday March 20, 2009   09:12:59
Carla Fremen
We live in Lewisburg, Tn. We have had the pleasure of having a pair of Great Horned Owls nest for the last 2 years in our back yard. It seems they only nest when they are raising there young.Last year they had 2 young. This year I have only seen 1 little one. It is a wonderful sight.

Friday February 06, 2009   18:50:48
Joel Skok
In the mature hardwood forests of Michigan where is the best bet to locate a nest? There are several hollow areas in the upper portions of large beech trees and one abandoned? stick nest of another raptor near our house. I see a GHO frequently; it flies away and isn’t defending anything, yet I have no idea if it has a mate, nor for that matter if it is of breeding age. It is February and I’m thinking this would be the month to be looking in earnest to observe a nesting pair…I was just wondering if there was anything specific to populations in this region that would be helpful to know. Thanks a lot.

Friday February 06, 2009   12:58:31
Christina Cameron
Question…I live in San Diego CA and have recently installed a Barn Owl Box on my property. I am quite sure there are GHO in my area and have recently learned that possibly, the GHO are teritorial so I may not see occupants for the new Barn Owl Box. Can you comment on this? Thanks. Christina

Thursday February 05, 2009   00:06:04
I am in awe. Your pictures are completely amazing and i am so jealous. We spotted a horned owl in our tree last night. It was getting dark quickly but he was huge. Thanks for sharing your pics. My kids and i thoroughly enjoyed them.

Wednesday January 28, 2009   08:42:08
Michelle Knight
Hi I came across your page about owls while searching for info. I think we have a Great Horned Owl, but don’t know how to see him. The call is exactly what I hear on your site… How could I hope to see him? Do you have any ideas… Thanks!

Sunday December 28, 2008   19:22:47
Darlene Rodriguez
Thanks so much for sharing your photos. I have a female GHowl resident (Beatrice) in my back yard and have been trying to capture her photograph for 3 years. How on earth did you do it???

Monday September 01, 2008   21:30:41
Abigail Zoby
We were wakened by crows and a hawk converging on a very tall hardwood in backyard. Thought someone’s nest had been violated! Closer exam, thought an animal had climbed too high and frightened. Binoculars gave closer look at Great Horned Owl asleep. Birds kept up shieking for hours-our owl was undisturbed til sundown and flew away. What an incredible day of watching this magnificant bird. We have never seen one before. I live outside of Atlanta, Ga.

Saturday August 23, 2008   20:02:16
I have Two quite large Great horned owls in my yard about Two times a month. The time is now 7:00 pm EST and my location is SW Florida. I believe the pair are Male/Female based on their calls. I have seen this pair in the late afternoon,about One hour before sunrise. In both cases I have noticed Mocking birds and Blue jays trying to annoy the Owls generally to no avail. Thanks.

Thursday May 15, 2008   02:48:35
WOW!! Great pics! 5 years later, I hope your family and the owls are doing well. I just got hissed at by a Great Horned owl in my front yard. Was looking information on them, when I ran across your webpages. Very cool! I would be interested to know if your owl family have come back to roost and raise another batch of kids. Also, how did the young one that showed up turn out? Did he ever learn to fly and be on his own? Loved the basket. Please drop me a line. Thanks much for the great pics and read!

Wednesday April 30, 2008   12:58:19
Did the baby owl survive?

Friday February 29, 2008   11:36:17
Jimmie and Patti
We have a family of great horned owls on our dock in Austin, Texas and we have a few questions regarding how we ensure they hatch and develop successfully. Please send me your telephone number for a brief call to get us prepared. Thanks, Jimmie Cypert ( 713 213 0280 )

Wednesday February 06, 2008   17:16:01
Lisa Bishop
I had a very similar experience with Great Horned babies. I had two on the ground at about 3 weeks old. The mother continued to feed them though. I had one of them at my back door one evening just as you described!! It was a great experience.

Monday December 31, 2007   17:14:01
Paul & Leslie Davis
Hi, THanks so much for the great pictures and story. We have a pair in our back yard as well as a pair of Eastern Screech owls. We only mostly hear the GHO, but have had much joy from watching our ESH’s year after year raise 2-3 chicks outside our kitchen window. I have rescued them several times from tree climbing rat snakes! Happy New Year! 12-31-07

Sunday December 30, 2007   07:23:46
Update : A few weeks ago we had a wind storm blow one nest down . We thought they were gone . The also have a second nest 50′ from the first . On Christmas day she laid her eggs ! We are very happy to have them here at our home . We are shooting lots of video . We will post updates as they happen . Great site .

Thursday November 22, 2007   03:16:17
Your site and pics are great .We live 30 miles south of Daytona Beach,Fl. About 3 weeks ago we watched a owl hoot most of the night . Before sundown today we could see he found a mate ! We live in town and have 2 tall pine trees. One tree has a old eagle nest in the top . We think they are going to use that nest this winter . Lots of wild birds,rats,etc. in the area. Over the last 10 years we would see a owl every few months . This is the first time they ever stayed here . We will take pics and post the results soon.

Sunday November 18, 2007   20:40:57
We have a beautiful Great Horned Owl in our wind break behind our house. Every eveing it fly off and every morning it comes back to perch on a tree limb. We love watching this beautiful bird. Just moved to Rupert Id in Oct of 2007/

Monday November 12, 2007   23:45:53
dave bethke
Am. Falls, Id. Have had gh owls on our ranch since we moved here 47 years ago. Never lost any of our tame, free roaming cats. Had one swoop down and hit me in the back of my head with its claw bring blood from my cheek,just for helping a young one to his nest which he fell do to a very hard windstorm.

Saturday August 04, 2007   09:26:28
Thanks for the web-site. Great Pics. We have recently become great horned owl fans, having discovered one living in our back feild. ( Highland county, Ohio)

Sunday July 29, 2007   02:05:05
love your pictures. I have a GH Owl that has been hanging around my house in Anchorage AK. There are lots of wild rabbits this year and the owl is having some easy meals. I’m hoping to be as lucky as you and have a nest. WOW, that would be so cool!

Thursday June 28, 2007   21:28:41
Mary Sonis
That was really nice of you to get the baby owl back up the tree in his blue nest. He looks delighted. We have a pair in our back yard also. They are incredibly beautiful, last year I saw them mating, but they have not been around recently. I miss their company when I am in the woods

Tuesday February 27, 2007   04:51:18

Friday December 22, 2006   14:28:25
Antonio Silveira
Hello We would like to suggest you a link exchange. We got a specific net page from Brazil’s owls. Our site is www.aultimaarcadenoe.com and the specific link to the owls’ page is http://www.aultimaarcadenoe.com/corujas.htm (Portuguese) and http://www.aultimaarcadenoe.com/corujasingles.htm (English) Regards Antonio Silveira

Thursday December 29, 2005   09:19:08
Owl Master

Tuesday May 24, 2005   18:04:09
My husband and I love the fact that there are always great horned owls flying around our home here in Canyon Hills-CA. we usually only see one at time and its usually just as the sun is going down or right after dark,and its usually so quick you bareley get a good look. But Last night we saw 6-8 owls all flying and chatering away. They flew around in a circular rotation 20 or 30 feet above us in our backyard we were absolutely shocked to see them frolicking in the air continually for at least 8-10 minutes. our large german sheppard was flipping out so I put him in the house and the owls continued in there semi circular rotation it was an incredible sight. Right before this event took place we were admireing the huge bright yellow rising moon that was just beginning to show on the horizon. It was just so surreal, we will never forget it!

Monday May 23, 2005   22:02:53
sharyn warmack
over the weekend my husband trimmed one of our fruit trees (we live in south fla) and noticed an owl up inside it. it is a star fruit tree. he ran in to get the camera and when i went out there with him to see, there were 5 of them. i believe they are babies. they do not hoot or fly but stare at us as if they are looking right through us. i want them to stay but im concerned they will become dangerous. should we be worried? we have 3 dogs and wild peacocks living here with us.

Sunday May 01, 2005   20:39:19
Dad-N-Maddie Rose
Two of our 50′ spruce trees have been adopted by a very large Great Horned Owl for it’s nightly hunting perch. Sounds completely different from all ‘calls’ I’ve heard on various internet sites – more of a ‘honk’ – almost a dinosaur honk – than hoot. 6 year old daughter Madison is fascinated and looking to learn more, and is taking pictures to school to share with friends. Cheers from Elkton, Maryland!

Friday April 22, 2005   09:53:28
Upon doing research of owls, I came across your website. Your pictures are great! I tried taking pictures of an owl sitting on the horse pasture fence, but my camera is not “professional” enough!? (The horses were not bothered by this sleeping owl, by the way!?) What I’ve been researching is the owl sounds I”m hearing at dusk lately: not just the regular hoo-hooing a couple of times; this is a “frantic” hoo-hooing MANY times over…it stops, then starts this frantic hooting again…has it lost its’ mate?? I”d be interested to hear your thoughts??

Tuesday April 12, 2005   15:06:25
Mrs. Mattioli’s class
I liked when the bird was hanging upside down. I liked when he was all fluffed out like a turkey. I liked the baby pictures when it was first hatched. I think you are lucky to have a great horned owl nest in your yard. I liked that it looked like a snowman when it was a baby. We liked the two babies next to each other.

Tuesday April 12, 2005   09:56:31
Peggy Kirby
I loved your pictures…and the little owl and home made nest was so cute. We have a pair of Great Horned Owls on our property…I’m not sure where the nest it? We have lots of wild areas…but I’ve heard the two hooting to each other and recently have seen them and photographed them…though I need a better zoom to get the kinds of pictures you got. I found a large owl pellet in our field…amazing all that was in it…we had a great time taking it apart. I live in North Alabama.

Saturday April 09, 2005   08:37:20
Gale R. Ammerman
Can you tell me the size of opening I should use on a house for a Great Horned Owl ? Thanks

Saturday March 05, 2005   02:17:48
Cathy Smith
I live in apts. alongside a wonderful park that has a creek running through it. My apt. faces the creek with its tall trees for all the wildlife to live and play in. I have the great joy to hear a set or two of Great Horned Owls every night. Sometimes quite early, and other times late into the night. I got to see one take flight the other night and see his wingspand and how quiet they are when flying and fast! But tonite my greatest moment was to actually see one face to face. I was at the North Texas Irish Festival in which a rehabilation and education group called “One the Wing Again” was there and had a few birds. Oh how beautiful they are, and I am so glad I get to enjoy their calls each night.

Wednesday February 16, 2005   11:14:48
Loved the site, I live in southern Colorado and have a pair of Great Horned Owls in my front yard on the ranch. We do not have many trees on the prarie and they love the ranch yard. Currently the female is nesting in the fork of a large elm tree not ten yards from the front door. I love to watch them and hear them.

Sunday February 06, 2005   12:57:19
I love your story & pictures.I’ve loved owls since I was a kid.What a great experience it must have been!

Thursday February 03, 2005   02:40:34
Dawn Carlsgaard
A few months ago I woke to this sound and could not figure it out. Thought it was a really loud pigeon or dove. Then after listening I realized it was an owl. I got up to see if I could see it, but figured it must have been on our roof. I then heard that Canada has lost its rodent population and that owls were migrating south for survival. We live in Hudson WI, which is a little river town about 20 min. east of St. Paul, MN. Now tonight my dog wakes me to go outside (bothersome) and while she is out there I hear the owl again. This makes me real nervous as Freeda is only about 11 lbs. I call her and then notice the owl is on the peak of a neigbors house. It sure sounds like a great horned owl, with his hoo,hoo hoooo, hooo, hooo, hooo. But it did not look as large as I thought it should be. I hope it has found food. I read in the paper that they have found 200 dead owls up north in the Duluth/Superior area where we are from. Is there anything I could give them that they would eat? (not my Freeda, who truly is the love of my life, inspite of her waking me, when I am finally sleeping)

Wednesday February 02, 2005   19:49:55
Just looked at your wesite about the Great Horned Owls it was great.I’ve been hearing an owl 2 evenings in a row and have been answering back and he was making the horse nervous he left his food dish to investigate I started walking to the Pines in the back and he flew off hope he comes back Your pictures were fantastic I’m an amature photographer and i had a Pileated woodpecker next door and was finally able to get a picture of him It would be great to get owl pictures

Thursday January 27, 2005   21:43:36
Great site. have always been intriged by all owls. And when seen in the wild they are a magnificent sight !!!!!!!!!!

Monday January 17, 2005   18:27:03
Roberta Haynes
Hi there, My husband and I saw something unusual today. We live in Ontario, Canada. We were traveling along # 7 highway. In a time span of 15 to 20 min about every 100 feet or so. We count eleven Great Horn Owls on fence post, tops of trees, side of road. I have lived here all my life and I have never seen this before. Is it mating season? Do they migrate? I consider it a gift from God. Can anyone tell me what this means please? Thanks Roberta, Ontario, Canada.

Thursday January 13, 2005   20:53:07
Hi Mark and Kim, You, like our next door neighbor are celebrating this fabulously powerful and fascinating bird. We live in a narrow canyon in Western Montana, and for the past month, one horned owl has been having his way with at least 10 squirrels, two dogs, one dachsundt was carried away 9 miles, and then dropped into a yard of folks who obtained help for him. He died from the fall, and the talon depths in his back were four to six inches deep. Ok, my question..our little Corky is about 25 pounds..always on a leash, and most of time we are with him outside, but the owl has swooped him. The wing span is as wide as our Blazer. I know they are predators, but we now have a small dog that is in peril all the time. Do you have any other ideas on how we might protect our little guy? We love the fact that wild animals can exist here, but our dog is very precious to us. We have to pay for a license but he is a house dog virtually because of the safety issue. Please respond if you can. I love the pictures. Come on out to Montana next summer and we will take you fishin, Montana style. Hospitality is guaranteed. Nancy Heyer Missoula, Montana

Monday July 26, 2004   11:27:10
Virginia Labelle
We have just found a little horned owl on a branch in a tree in our back yard. We have not seen the mother. There is an angry robin that keeps coming back and trying to attack this small owl. We are not sure what to do about this. We don’t know if the owl has had anything to eat since it has been here. Can you give us some information about what we can do to help this baby owl. Thank you

Sunday June 20, 2004   14:31:26
Steve Beckwith
Mark, Nice photos of the owls. I linked to your site today after identifying the calls I heard this morning around 3:00am as Great Horned Owls. I’m down the road from you in Bolton, MA and have been listening to the owls most of the spring. – Steve

Wednesday June 16, 2004   16:54:59
We live in northern Illinois just below the Wisconsin border. I heard my first great horned last night…scarey! This morning saw it in the tree next to our home…awesome! Thanks for this site and the wonderful pictures.

Wednesday June 16, 2004   14:31:44
There is a Great Horned Owl family nesting in a high rock cave in Chatsworth, Calif., adjacent to a large condo complex where I live. We get an incredible show every night from around 7 to dark. I named the baby Smarty The Owl, son of Wise Old Owl. Smarty was born about May 1 and is getting ready to shuffle off. If you have a 750-1,000mm lens and are looking for feeding, nurturing and learning-to-fly shots, email me at bjmintz@socal.rr.com and I’ll send you directions. But you better hurry.

Monday June 07, 2004   15:32:18
Sad story. Friends of mine were unfortunate enough to hit a great horned owl. It turned out to be very young, and was the size of a nerf football. They took it home and cared for it, and nursed it back to health. They fed it two or three pinkies from the pet store a day. It was hand friendly, and loved its head pet. It was amazingly gorgeous. They had planned on keeping it until it was grown, then releaing it. They heard somewhere that they would often go without food for days at a time. The young owl starved to death after three days. I could just slap them. ARG! *safe journey Gandolf*

Saturday June 05, 2004   00:22:24
Oshkosh, WI: Lost my beloved kitty to a great horned last night. First, I heard kitty’s desperate cries for help. I was unable to reach her in time and the owl’s shriek was unmistakable. Was not aware until reading the owl pages (after kitty’s disappearance) that owls were capable of snatching something as large as a cat. Keep a close eye on any house pets <12#, they will become owl food!

Monday May 17, 2004   23:58:55
jesse paniagua
I,ve always liked owl’s I was fortunate to hav taken a few pictures of one a baby but it was a big baby. If you want to see the pictures I’d be glad to e-mail them to you Jess

Tuesday May 11, 2004   10:19:51
A few items I would like to point out to everyone that comes on here looking for info. One, DO NOT pick up young owls! They leave the nest early in the wild and the parents feed them on the ground for up to 4 weeks! Two, THEY DON’T EAT HAMBURGER AND SMOKED TURKEY IN THE WILD!!!! Think about it people!. They eat a whole carcass diet of rats, mice and rabbits etc…At our Rehab group for raptors we get tons of owls and hawks that have been fed store bought “human” food and these birds end up being uthenized because of incorrect diet has stunted the bone growth in their young bodies. If you find an injured bird of prey call a local vet or game warden for info on where to take it. PS. good pics, I have worked with a few and they are fantastic birds of prey.

Saturday May 08, 2004   04:10:45
Hi, I am up late at night and I hear the howling of a cat and growling. Sounds like a cat fighting but I don’t hear another cat, it only sounds like one. I can hear clawing sounds on the large maple in the neighbor’s yard. I thought maybe it was a cat in heat and they were mating or two cats fighting, I don’t know. After about five or ten minutes of this it is quiet and then I hear a Horned Owl giving it’s deep five hoot call. I am wondering? Was it a cat that was caught by an owl? If an owl caught a cat would that cat make sounds and fight like that? It was really kind of creepy. It is around 3:15 a.m. and it just happened about 20 mintues ago. I was searching the web to see if I could find information on this but nothing describing what I heard. Thanks so much. Laura

Sunday May 02, 2004   09:09:02
Malinda Pickel
Hi Loved the pictures.Will hav to pick up a copy.saved an owl once.It was hit by a car.I cared for it and then turned it over to the wild life asso. Malinda

Wednesday April 28, 2004   12:15:10
Albert Cook
I have a Great Horned Owl Female with two chicks living in a pine tree in my back yard. North East Texas

Monday April 19, 2004   20:08:50
I live in So California and have what looks like a Great Horned Owl nesting in a very large pot about 20ft off the ground on a balcony. She and her partner hung around for for two days and then laid two eggs. She is was here every night to check on them but left before light. Finally this morning she stayed in the pot and I was so thrilled to see her in the light. I tried not to distrub her, but there was a lot of trucks in the street today and she left. I live in a trac home but have the Santa Monica Rec Mountains near by. A crow just took off with one of her eggs. I heard that they will lay more if they lose some. I hope that happens and she decides to stay for awhile. We have lots of rabbits here so I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for any advice you can give. p.s. my local pet store just advised me to set up a security camera eye that hooks up to my TV. They run about $30 at Harbour Freight that’s the hot tip! Thanks for the site. Annette

Wednesday April 14, 2004   09:21:27
Great pictures! funny stories lol. Thank you you have a great site. I will pass the link along to my friends that are interested in the GHO at http://www.geocities.com/apprenticefalconry/

Tuesday March 23, 2004   20:32:24
Mike Littmann
Yo, fellow followers of the Great Horned Ones; In spring of 2000 I witnessed the raising of 2 owlets in the northeast part of Wisconsin near the yooper border. I got several pictures of the babies at 3 wks. and 6 wks. of age. They picked my tree house/deer stand to raise a family. This year they are back raising two more. Only they are still in egg form. I saw the ma & pa being chased around by some crows. Later I climbed the tree and peeked into the tree house and was face-to-face with the mom. I don’t know which one of us moved faster, her from the tree house or me back to the ground! I’ll keep you posted.

Monday March 22, 2004   18:27:21
Gene Woods
I saw what I am guessing is a horned owl flying in daytime (about 11:40am). We were walking back to the car in a cemetery just after burying my Dad. We saw a very large owl land on a limb in a very tall tree. The limb did not hold the owl and started to bend. With that, the owl looked at us (my sister and my wife) briefley started to fly toward us and abruptly turned away and flew off into some other trees. In my emotional state, I felt it was a phenomena. My Dad siad he would want to be re-incarnated as a bird. He was a large man, and this seems appropriate. My question is… How normal is it for a Horned Owl to be flying around during day time?

Saturday March 20, 2004   10:27:20
Lee Sollenberger
I have trained horned owls for forty years in the film industry. I always enjoy seeing them in the wild’as we look every spring for the nesting birds. we photograph and band many of the birds to track their travels around the valley.great web-site

Tuesday March 16, 2004   07:38:37
Ron Wheble
Hi,I moved from Ma. to Tucson,Az. many yrs. and until recently I’ve been seeing what I believe to be the Horned Owl in caves along a wash. I didn’t know that a specie of them was native to Southern Az. Thanks,Ron

Saturday February 28, 2004   14:31:03
Don and Karen Hulsey
For 4 days now, we have had a GH owl in our yard–just sitting there. He moves out of the yard in the evening, but every morning he’s back. At first, we presumed he might be injured and have tried to find someone to rescue, to no avail. One day Don got too close and he fluffed, walked a bit and then flew apporx. 30ft and sat there the rest of the day. Have you seen this type of behavior before? Should we presume he is injured? We are reluctant to try and capture him. Help! We live in a rural area.

Tuesday February 24, 2004   17:00:53
I have a beautiful owl in my yard who serenades me at night, which I love to hear, but it is eating my cats! Is there an organization I can call to trap the bird and take him out of town or do I have to live with this? I don’t want to harm the bird as it is majestic, but I don’t want any more of my cats to die either. HELP!

Tuesday February 10, 2004   09:30:06
We live in rural Western Minnesota near the Buffalo River. There is a healthy population of Great Horned Owls in the area as we hear them most nights and mornings when the air is calm. We have 6 of the tallest cottonwood trees in the township. Occaisionally, GHOs will sit in these trees and hoot right outside our window in the very early morning hours (3 to 4 hours before sunrise). My wife and our house cat find this very unnerving, but I cherish it as a lovely lullaby.

Monday February 09, 2004   07:33:42
I am an avid birdwatcher but have rarely seen owls, although hearing them is more within my experience. Your wonderful website has helped me confirm that we have a barred owl and not a great horned visiting in our norhtern Kentucky backyard. Thank you!

Friday February 06, 2004   13:23:32
Wonderful site!! How lucky you are to have access to this natural wonder in your back yard. Found this site while looking for a pic of a Great Horned Owl for my friend who had a “close encounter” in her backyard the other night. She was walking about 9 PM between her garage and house, 100′ distance, prox., and was startled by a very close fly-by of a “huge, dark, absolutely silent bird” that came out of nowhere. The only thing that came to my mind was a GHO. There are many rabbits where we live – suburbs of Detroit, MI – so ample food exists, and also many mature trees for habitat. Wish I had seen it too!! Thanks for a great site!

Tuesday February 03, 2004   15:36:22
Rich Marini
I was looking for a picture with full wingspan. Difficult to get.

Monday February 02, 2004   00:17:42
Ruth and Ed Allen
Thanks for having your site. I have shared it with my first graders in the City Height community of San Diego, Ca. If our owls return this year, I will give you the “low down” on what’s up with them. My husband and I live in a semi-rural area along the edge of a canyon amidst groves of Eucalyptus trees. Fortunately, our part of Scripps Ranch did nit burn in the Great Ceder Fire at the end of October and beginning of November.

Wednesday January 28, 2004   20:41:31
Wayne Gow
We just had a Great Horned Owl sitting on our deck about 5 – 10 feet from our family room window. We live in Whitby Ontario. Took some great pictures of it watching us watch it.

Monday January 26, 2004   18:20:42
Hi, I live in British Columbia and work at a research center at the University of British Columbia. For the last week we have had a Great Horned Owl (huge grey with white markings) sitting on a fence or in a tree along the side of the road towards our site. It’s quite a wooded area but recently quite a number of trees have been removed. The owl (he’s gorgeous) has been out all day, posing for cameras, looking at all the people, as if he is quite enjoying all the attention. He’s been drawing owl lovers from near and afar. I haven’t seen him this week though.

Saturday January 24, 2004   07:46:20
Michael and Sandy
Thank you for your wonderful web site on this great bird. We have had a pair calling back and forth from midnight to almost first light all of this past week here in Austin, TX. We have/had lots of Eastern Screech Owls here too. But, haven’t heard a sound from the little owls since the big owls started their calling. The Screech owls have been really fun and very people inquisitive. They come when you call them but, won’t return calls after getting within twenty or so feet. But, they will stay and watch. The Great Horned Owls seem to answer a Barred Owl call (surefire hooter) but, stop calling back as soon as they spot the caller to be human. Long Live The Owls.

Wednesday January 14, 2004   05:00:16
There are lots of Great Horned Owls in several areas of my town (Madison, Wisconsin.) Last night I heard owls up close There is a wooded area of the local university campus, where one hunts at dusk. Last night he/she was calling so loud it was like someone was shouting me, but I left the area because I think he was hunting my dogs and I got really scared for theri safety. I was fascinated, but I began to feel like prey–not that I am small enough, but I felt it through my worry about the dogs. It was impressive to feel that something in the woods was powerful enough to be scary. We don’t have a chance to feel that often enough because humans have killed off and chased away so many predators. Dory

Tuesday January 13, 2004   00:50:26
we live right in the middle of a midwest town. we have a small amount of wooded area. we always hear the owls hoot certain times of the year. but this year last friday our small pekingese was out in the back yard and i was looking out my kithen window at her playing in the snow when out of nowhere a hoot owl swooped down and got about 6 feet from the mulan our dog and change his mind went straight up over our home. needless to say we got the dog in not sure what stopped the owl from attacking maybe saw me in the window but we will not let the dog out again without supervision. so small dog owners beware owls will go after your dogs!!!!!!.

Thursday January 01, 2004   01:56:43
Brian Quinn
Hi all, Fenton,Michigan here. There is a pair of owls calling to each other in my back yard as I write this (it’s about 1AM on Jan 1st). They started up about an hour ago and I went online to see if I could identify them from the calls. No doubt about it – they’re Great Horned Owls – the same 5 syllable call as in your sound byte. One is distinctly lower in pitch than the other. What a treat !!!

Monday December 29, 2003   23:02:11
Stacey Payne
I live in Phoenix,Az and I think we have a couple of great horned owls that have recently moved into our neighborhood. They are very fascinating, however, I have 1 question…have they ever been known to take small dogs off as prey? We have quite a few very small dogs in the area and I’m fearful to let mine outside without me being out there with her. Any help is greatly appreciated. Stacey Payne

Thursday December 04, 2003   17:48:42
Colleen Higgins
Great Horned Owl question: In the bluff country of southeastern Minnesota, I regularly hear owls hooting at night, and I have also heard an incredibly loud, unearthly shriek — the first time my friends and I thought it was another friend trying to imitate some scary sound. This shriek, which I have now heard on a number of occasions, is always followed by hooting from another bird nearby. A friend told me this could well be a great horned owl. I have been trying to find a recording on the Internet of this sound to verify. Can anyone help, or is anyone familiar with this ‘unearthly’ shriek? Thanks.

Saturday November 15, 2003   10:04:20
Bert Hallewas
Thank you for your great website! We have heard an owl in the wooded wetland area around our house at night for several years but never saw it…. until yesterday morning!!! It flew in through the trees and perched on a branch. It was BIG, what a sight!! With the help of binoculars and your website, we now know it’s a Great Horned Owl. The sound clip was very helpful also. We are in the suburbs of Detroit, about an hour north. Thanks again for your fun website!

Wednesday October 29, 2003   00:15:03
Hi, Great site. This past week we have had a great horned owl resting in a tree in the back yard during the day. He (we assume) arrives before dawn and leaves at dusk. It is really quite bizarre because our house is in a suburb. Houses all around. He is gorgeous. He always flies to the north at dusk. He never breaks pattern. It is snowing here tonight (southern Alberta, Canada). Hopefully we will see more of him.

Sunday October 12, 2003   18:13:49
William Palmer
We have a pair of Great Horned Owls living in the woods behind our house. Its a large valley with a creek, lots of large trees, and no houses. I would hear them shriek at night continuously. Two or three times I saw them. They were always about 30 yards a part. One was doing all the shrieking and the other was still and silent. I assume this is their method of hunting. One scares the animal and the silent one catches it. A few nights ago they caught a young turkey (larger than a large chicken) and left a leg with the foot and a small amount of meat still on the bone sitting on our upper deck. Has anyone seen them hunt in pairs like this? I listened to their shriek on owlpages.com and then knew what kind of owls they are.

Wednesday September 17, 2003   00:42:31
Hi Mark and Kim! Great site…We loved the pictures and story. Thank you for sharing. I came upon your site looking to see a great horned owl. One landed on a old dead tree just after sunset, next to my barn. I had no idea what kind of owl it was. I heard his call. When I seen and heard yours on this site, I knew right away. The owl I seen last night was, The Great Horned Owl. What a Blessing….To see such a Wonderful sight. Free and in the burbs of Chicago.

Saturday September 13, 2003   17:35:40
J E Capps
I have been hearing Great Horned Owls on my property for years at night but have never seen them. Last night at dusk, I saw a pair flying from tree to tree. They were HUGE! What an experience!

Saturday September 06, 2003   18:46:08
Vic & Theresa Del regno
Mark & Kim: One word……… “Unbelievable”!!!!!!!!!! How special…This event truly has special significance for you both. Sincerely, Vic & Theresa

Tuesday August 26, 2003   23:17:46
Mark Rossnagel
Hello, We have a pair of Great Horned Owls nesting in the cyprus trees in our pasture. They have just begun to come and land in the back yard and the pines. There is an abundance of rabbits this year so they have been really active around the house. I’m still trying to fine their nest site. God Bless, Mark

Tuesday August 26, 2003   23:17:00
Mark Rossnagel
Hello, We have a pair of Great Horned Owls nesting in the cyprus trees in our pasture. They have just begun to come and land in the back yard and the pines. There is an abundance of rabbits this year so they have been really active around the house. I’m still trying to fine their nest site. God Bless Mark

Thursday July 31, 2003   21:48:13
We loved your website. We have had an owl come every summer. This year we have seen two. We believe they are great horned owls. Your photos were incredible.

Tuesday July 29, 2003   18:27:49

Wednesday June 11, 2003   22:33:43
I was sitting on my back porch and saw what I think might be a Great Horned Owl . It sat silently on a telephone wire only seeming to rotate it head ,heat lighting flashing behind .It was almost scarey in away but we tolerated each other any how . I live in hershey Pa ,near two very large limestone quarrys . I was told i should contact Hersheys zoo . I really did not want to do that ,Ihope i have done the right thing. I would rather see any wild life free. Any comments would be welcome

Monday June 02, 2003   16:36:34
paul porter
no comments

Monday May 26, 2003   02:08:39
I have always loved owls and have a large collection of anything that has a connection to owls. The Great Horned is my favorite. I loved your pictures!

Friday April 18, 2003   13:23:54
Hi – love your site. We’re in RI and have been hearing great-horned owls on our property during the night. I have been searching for their nest. Today while looking for a nest a most beautiful great horned owl was looking straight at me out of a cedar tree. I then saw two babies on two different branches. They are great. Mom flew over me twice. Babies stayed put. I’m so thrilled that I have found them. I still don’t see any nest, but I have now read that sometimes the parent destroys the nest as the young one become old enough to stabilize themselves in the tree… don’t know. I would love to hear what others in the Northeast have observed. Cornelia

Sunday April 13, 2003   08:07:06
Patty Bridges
I have not seen my owls yet but hear a pair, one pitch higher than the other. It seems late according to description of courting and nesting season, but we had a brutal Winter this year, so perhaps we’re off to a late start? It’s thrilling just the same and I’m an avid birder!

Wednesday April 09, 2003   15:57:46
Jeudi Curtis
Hi – Mr. and Mrs. Great Horned Owl just started nesting in my backyard too! I have four pug dogs and an elderly cat so I am quite concerned about their eating habits. Any suggestions besides keeping all domestic pets in at night, would be appreciated. I love Mr. and Mrs. Owl. We have long conversations at night when I take the dogs out to go to the bathroom. How will I know when Mrs. Owl has hatched her eggs?

Saturday March 01, 2003   22:53:59
love owl page becaues i love owls

Monday February 03, 2003   14:05:50
Angie Thornberry
hi, I’m in Ohio and I just encountered a Great Horned Owl in the wooded area in my backyard. It was just sitting in a tree watching me calmly. It was so beautiful. Love your website! Angie

Friday January 31, 2003   21:01:15
no comments

Wednesday August 28, 2002   18:44:17
What AMAZING pics…and now I am thrilled for these birds! After living on a 56 acre pc. of land for over 15 years…I heard my first owl call last night and it blew my mind. I’ve been researching all day. I hope that this beautiful creature will stay nearby. Based upon what Iittle I have gathered from the net, I am thinking that he/she is a great horned owl. Any advice you could give would be much appreciated.. I would love for this bird to come back again and again….I’m off to listen for the whooo, whooo… i heard last night.. thank you for such a wonderful site, with so many amazing pics.

Tuesday June 04, 2002   10:01:41
Steve and Suzy
Great pics… I downloaded a few and sold them to some local Owloogistsist for $20,000.oo thanks ….. Really great pictures and those owls are lucky they landed in your yard and not some rednecks. Take care

Monday June 03, 2002   07:29:19
Lori Bosset
You guys did a great job with these owls…what an experience for all of us. Hope they come back next year!

Wednesday May 29, 2002   09:31:19
Mark and Kim
Well folks…. We believe the Owls have moved along. We last saw the male a couple of weeks ago, the kids on the 25th. On the 26th the Mom was in clear view for a while just staring at us staring at her, perhaps saying “so long…”. If we are fortunate they will return again to provide us with another spectacular experience. If so, we will of course share it with you all…

Sunday May 26, 2002   13:08:52
Marianne Reardon
no comments

Friday May 24, 2002   18:34:16
Deb and Steve Herrick
no comments

Friday May 24, 2002   15:23:22
Lesa Hall
Your story is fascinating, and the pictures are amazing! Good for you for taking the care to help that baby owl! Kudos to you from a fellow animal rescuer!!

Thursday May 23, 2002   08:07:11
Judi & Jeff Cavagnaro
AWESOME!!!!!!!! Hope you don’t mind – I sent to a few friends!! Can’t wait to see the babies!!

Thursday May 23, 2002   07:58:10
Karen Pray
Steve sent the web site to my parents and they forwraded it on to me. What great pictures and a great experience. Thank you for sharing them.

Wednesday May 22, 2002   13:26:17
Barbara Menefee
Kim just told me about your owls and the web site! What fabulous pictures and an even better story! Has this been covered by the Westford Eagle and the Northwest Weekly of the Boston Globe? It certainly is newsworthy! Thanks for sharing! I know that Don and Elizabeth will truly enjoy visiting this web site! Best of luck to the Fabrizio’s and the Owl Family! I saw that they eat ground squirrels…where were the owls the year you had all those squirrels in your attic! 🙂

Tuesday May 21, 2002   16:28:18
Judy — Chelmsford
My new favorite picture…5-16-02. You guys should win some kind of award for the photos… they are incredible.

Tuesday May 21, 2002   09:35:27
Mark & Kim, What a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing it. The pictures are great! Steve sent me the site. Hope all is will with you. Martha, Laura’s other mom.

Monday May 20, 2002   09:22:33
thanks for the greathornowls pictures it was fun for the class.satuern Riverfont Academy in St.Paul. We loved it.

Monday May 20, 2002   09:20:14
thanks for the greathornowls pictures it was fun for the class

Monday May 20, 2002   09:18:40
no comments

Sunday May 19, 2002   23:09:34
Caroline Nashua NH
WOW!! CHECK OUT THE NEW PICTURES! Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful images.

Friday May 17, 2002   20:33:04
Emily & Jon Welch
no comments

Friday May 17, 2002   17:51:34
robyn Bouchard
no comments

Thursday May 16, 2002   07:47:57
Laura Semple
Hello, Your pictures are absolutely breathtaking. We have been over to see the owls many times, and have to to say this has been a highlight of 2002 for me. A once in a lifetime signt! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Laura Semple

Tuesday May 14, 2002   15:18:43
Joan F. Bird
Hi, these pix are wonderful – my sister Sherrie Preston had told me all about the tale of the baby owl – this is wonderful and congrats for getting it on a web page. Good work. Joan F. Bird

Tuesday May 14, 2002   14:17:21
eric semple
Awesome-You get to see a phenomenon like this once in a lifetime.

Tuesday May 14, 2002   02:31:43
Jarrod Joyce
I just checked out your owl page for the first time and was amazed. I had no idea it was so difficult to have owls in your backyard. Great job on the manmade nest and the pictures are great.

Saturday May 11, 2002   06:22:27
FYI – All owls are present and accounted for. The restless young one is ‘branching’ at about 60′ and being fed crows daily by it’s mother. It’s fat sibling is roaming up a few branches, then goes back to its cushy nest. The father is currently basking in the sun. All is well.

Friday May 10, 2002   19:41:48
Mark and Kim, What a treat to check in tonight and see the little guy back in the nest! WhooHoo!

Friday May 10, 2002   09:48:12
Michelle Prescott-Comeau (mgr @ petsnart
Hi My name is Michelle I am a manager @ petsmart in Nashua and a friend of greco’s. Your web site is intriging and you are doing a great thing.

Thursday May 09, 2002   19:12:07
The site is down – Check back soon – Sorry

Thursday May 09, 2002   17:57:04
Sharon and Craig
Kim and Mark-The 4th and 5th photos on5/8/02 my favorites-I can’t believe this – ever since that little own presented himself on your front steps in late April. What a trip!! We’ll keep watching.

Monday May 06, 2002   21:54:44
john Z.
As an Arborist I have run into this problem with crows and squirrels and find it interesting how the animal world deals with these problems we subject them. Try calling the local chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture and they could probably hook you up with a Good Samaritan Arborist who would have deposited the little fellow back into its nest. I would have been glad to do it for free just for the experience only I live in Seattle. Good luck!

Monday May 06, 2002   07:28:55
We found the bird yesterday in a tree about 15 feet off the ground and about 100 feet from the blue nest… Kim and I thought we were doing it a favor by returning it to the blue nest, however it has outgrown the blue nest and is now ‘a brancher’, meaning that it can fly short distances between tree branches. It looked oddly at me when I put it back in the nest and promptly flew to another tree. We see him now and think it will stay around a little longer as its parents teach it to hunt. The other one hasn’t gotten the courage yet to ‘branch’.

Monday May 06, 2002   04:23:25
I’m so glad you found the little one. Caroline called me Saturday to tell me he was missing and I was compelled to help but I knew you guys probably had everything under control. You should be very proud…

Sunday May 05, 2002   19:13:07
Caroline Nashua NH
HOOOOOO!RAY!!!!!!! That little “Nest Jumper” better stay put now. Mark do you think he is trying to help you get over your fear of heights?

Sunday May 05, 2002   18:56:30
Sharon and Craig
Mark and Kim! – another rescue. I saw the little guy perched on a limb close to the blue nest tonight around 7:00 p.m. Mark-you have gone above and beyond the call of duty here-Did you notice the little owl winking at you in his latest photo dated 5/5. We’ll keep watching…

Sunday May 05, 2002   10:31:23
Salli Haberman
How wonderful to see great horned’s this closely. Wonderful pictures. Thanks for the story too. salli

Saturday May 04, 2002   09:19:21
Well…. The blue nest is empty this morning. A search of the grounds was futile. Both parents are around and the little guy in the upper nest is still there. You never know, the missing one may show up.

Friday May 03, 2002   09:36:06
Barbara Blanchette
Greetings Kim & Mark, Unbelieveable pictures, Katie sent them to me today.Good luck with your new feathered friends.

Thursday May 02, 2002   19:09:11
I know what you’re thinking…*who*? Greco sent me. We have owls in our backyard, too. Awesome creatures. We hope they will never need the attention that you have given your neighboring wildlife, but we will know where to go for expertise if they do. Great work.

Thursday May 02, 2002   17:02:40
Judy – Chelmsford, Massachusetts
Mark and Kim, You guys are awesome! I think that your owl family needs names. Keep up the good work with “Mile High Owl Rescue”!

Thursday May 02, 2002   14:12:10
Caroline Greco Nashua NH
WOW! Check out the #1 picture from April 30th. My Favorite, simply wonderful!!!

Thursday May 02, 2002   10:42:20
Keli Shea
A friend sent your web page to me and I really enjoy the pics. Love learning of fellow animal/nature lovers. Keep up the good work!

Thursday May 02, 2002   09:54:05
I did not take any photo’s yesterday – but here’s an update. The little guy is still in the nest and is quite active. He tests his wings occasionally grasping tightly onto the edge of the nest and flapping his wings. And he hops from one side of the nest to the other, carefully turns around then hops to the other side. It is really amusing to see. With each move we think he is going overboard – Today we are really getting a soaking rain and he is just siting miserably in the nest and all we can see is the top of his head and two eyes peering at us. Will attempt a new photo later today …. We’d like to hear from you to know how far reaching our viewing audience is. You may remain anonymous. The guy in the high nest is doing well too. He does the same thing as it’s sibling as far as hopping and stretching it’s wings… Both parents are commonly present during the day in the adjacent trees.

Thursday May 02, 2002   09:37:05
Danielle has shared with me the story of these wonderful creatures and I just wanted to say thank you for taking care of these beautiful owls I look forward to the upcoming pictures and story.

Wednesday May 01, 2002   09:14:33
Cheryl Piekarski
Simply amazing! I’ve rescued + nursed back to health hundreds of stray + injured cats in along with my friend, Caroline Greco, but your story with this family of Owls tops them all BY FAR! You guys are just awesome + have done a super fantastic job! As a bonus, perhaps the experience has also helped Mark get over his fear of heights! Keep up the good work + make sure that your kitty, Pepper, stays inside permanently so he can enjoy watching future families of Owls for many years to come. I shall watch the pine trees on my own 2 1/2 acres a lot more closly now, for sure! …Cheryl

Tuesday April 30, 2002   17:07:28
Mark & Kim
Moments after the photo’s were taken today (4-30: 6:45pm), the mother flew in and landed on the edge of the blue nest and make a food drop. She jumped onto the branch on which the nest is anchored and admired her kid while it began to eat. After five minutes or so she flew to another tree about 30 feet away and there she sits…. So the this little fella is definately being cared for by it’s good parents. The Dad has been at about elevation 100 feet all day staring down and offering protection to both nests. Oh yeah, shortly before she appeared the mother and child communicated for about 30 minutes, alternating a little shriek, then a loud shriek, like this…(mom, I am hungry – ; BE PATIENT!)

Sunday April 28, 2002   18:39:35
Somehow dinner was delivered at dusk to the blue nest without us seeing the actual delivery. We were waiting and watching as the mother cautiously came closer and closer to the blue nest. We left the window for a moment, and when we returned, the little guy was tearing and ripping at it’s dinner. We were happy to see it eating and amazed that the mother snuck it past our eyes… Over the past few weeks we have watched them eat a mallard, two gray squirrels and several crows. Twice we watched the mother eat the entire remnants of the squirrels pelts for desert. Head first, tail and all. Yikes!!! And Kim heard one of their victims screaching as it was being eaten alive. Our cat Pepper is not allowed out of the house….

Sunday April 28, 2002   18:11:07
Sharon and Craig
The photos taken April 26th are wonderful. We watch from our dining room window and can see the blue nest and the baby very clearly. Congratulations Mark, Kim and Seth – you did a great job. We are happy to hear the baby owl has been given something to eat by it’s mother. We’ll keep watching.

Sunday April 28, 2002   12:29:52
Judy Gudinas
We’re friends of Walt and Tina Lisien’s. I’ve got other friends checking out the site… Caroline Greco and Al Robichaud. We’d love to stop by at a convenient time to check out the birds “live” if you don’t have any objections. Keep up the great work!!!

Sunday April 28, 2002   12:16:45
Carol, Thanks for your entry. It’s exciting to see how many people are sharing this incredible experience with us. We encourage anyone who is interested in the owls to add an entry.

Sunday April 28, 2002   12:01:20
Caroline Greco
You guys are too cool> Hooray for you guys!! I am a friend of a friend of yours and I grew up in Westford on Woodbine Ter off Plain rd. HOORAY FOR YOU GUYS. I have forward you website to a man who helped save Walden Woods and pond and is a conservationest. He would love to come see the owls and if you need help with anything(although it seems like you have everything undercontrol) he would love to help or advise. My number is 603-888-8054. Wonderful images and great story about the baby’s new home! Thank you very much for sharing!

Sunday April 28, 2002   11:15:04
Well in case anyone is wondering, the rescued owl appears to be taking to his new nest. This morning it appeared to be eating something that it’s mom dropped in there…