Vague Agreement

… Section 52 of the Transfer of Ownership Act. We also know that a vague agreement cannot be implemented in practice. The reference, in this Conne… Order to refer to the applicant. The fact is that accused No. 2 is charged with accused No. 1… that he was allowed to do so. On 20 July 1996, an agreement was reportedly reached between and between the parties, in which an amount of 1.00,000 Rs. (Roupies One lakh) of the… The action. The second point is that the arbitration agreement at issue is vague and uncertain and therefore cannot be applied legally.

The learned judge implies against… the agreement has already been established. Mr. Bhabra argues that the arbitration agreement is vague and uncertain for two reasons; First, it is vague and uncertain about the number of… The agreement is absolutely vague and uncertain and does not legally constitute an arbitration agreement.8. Mr. Bhabra referred to certain decisions as the basis for his assertion that a wave of… The parties entered into a sale in 1930, but broke down the following year. The High Court found that its agreement for 1931 was effectively enforceable, although it was expressed in the form of a skeleton. The products for sale had to be fair specifications (as in the previous year), which a court was able to find using expert evidence. The 1931 plan was characterized as an option that could be exercised immediately.

It was therefore not a future agreement or an agreement to accept. The price would be reasonable without agreement. This, of course, is now the status of the Property Sales Act in 1979 (section 8) or the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 (section 15, paragraph 1), depending on whether the contract is for goods or services. … The agreement in question is vague and does not contain the description of the property allegedly sold by the defendant/complainant for the benefit of the applicant/respondent. The complainant has taken legal action… Tribunal has decree for the specific execution of 12 country channels of 201 channels 3 Marlas jamabandi country Ex. P-10. D-2.

Given that the terms of the agreement are vague and, as such, the decree for… 12 channels, admittedly, more than 12 channels. The argument based on the fact that the agreement is vague cannot be considered, since the defendant/complaining party wrote… The agreement itself would be valid. If such a contract is clear, explicit and not vague, it is not taken by paragraphs 23 and 28 of the Contracts Act…. this is reflected in section 28 of the Contracts Act. But an agreement that… cannot be understood as a status-related person. Commercial law and commercial practice allow such agreements. 6. In this view of the law and given that the agreement … before the initial deadline expires.

Concrete compliance with the requested extension agreement was also refused on the grounds that the conditions of the extension were vague and inaccessible… original leasing.

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