Schwab Charitable Investment Advisory Agreement

The amendments do not affect the rights or obligations conferred on us prior to the amendment`s entry into force. No prior conduct, prior practice or oral statement by a Schwab employee or agent may alter or alter this written agreement, including, but not only, Schwab`s right to liquidate or close positions in a margin account at any time and without notice, as stated in the margin and short account agreement. Schwab provides SPC through its dual role as a registered investment advisor and broker. In addition to SPC, Schwab provides other investment advisory services. Schwab transfers to investors seeking assistance in managing their assets and/or other financial planning activities to foreign investment consultants through the Schwab Advisor Network®. The consultants involved in the Schwab Advisor network are independent and are not related to Schwab. Investment advisors pay a fee to participate in the Schwab Advisor Network program. Schwab services also include sponsorship of Schwab Intelligent Portfolios Solutions™, SMP and MAS, as well as financial planning. An SPC representative may recommend one of these services. Schwab receives additional fees or allowances if you decide to register or purchase one of them, and your SPC representative may receive additional compensation, as described as “Compensation.” For these other investment advisory services, you have a special agreement and publication brochure that will be available to you at the time of recommendation or purchase. Automatic dividend reinvestment can give you a partial share position on partially accredited securities. In the event of an appeal, the partial shares to be mentioned are selected in an automated random selection, where the probability that your holdings will be selected is proportional to the outstandings held by all Schwab clients holding partial share positions on that security. You have the right to withdraw your cash from your unsworn, fully paid and partially related shares positions before the publication date of a partial call.

You agree that you are responsible for all transactions you have made and for all authorized transactions in your margin account. When you acquire marginal securities, you agree to deposit the initial capital required until the settlement date and maintain your equity at the required level. In addition, you agree to pay all remaining charges on your account if your positions are liquidated to answer a margin call. We may extend your credits in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and our disclosure of credit conditions and policies. You agree to use this credit primarily for commercial and investment purposes. A. Non-discreet service. They recognize and we agree that the role of Schwab`s investment counsel and, as of January 1, 2012, the role of SPCIA`s securities advisory, as described in this agreement, in the CPS disclosure brochure and in the SPCIA disclosure brochure, are limited.

Contrary to what is expressly stated in this agreement, neither Schwab, SPCIA nor their respective representatives, whether they are employees, independent contractors or independent collaborators, will have any control over your accounts.

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