License Agreement Distribution

PandaTip: This model of distribution agreements is for a software product. As such, the distributor acts as a kind of reseller or this software. This is a non-exclusive agreement for both parties, but it can only be concluded with appropriate amendments. A manufacturing and distribution licensing agreement is an agreement or contract between the person or entity that invented a product and the company that will manufacture or construct that item and market it. This is a necessary agreement that must be reached if an inventor decides not to build his product himself. AT CONSIDÉRANT, Vendor created and authorized the software commonly known as [PROGRAM NAME] (with the documentation mentioned below, “Software”), and agreed, subject to the terms of this contract, to authorize the distributor to be an authorized distributor of the software. The term “documentation” refers to printed or online instructions, manuals, screens and diagrams distributed by VENDOR or otherwise made available and related to the software; “end user,” any potential licensee or licensee of the software; “end user agreement,” the standard agreement (s) under which VENDOR grants end-users the right and license to use the software; “term” has the meaning outlined in section 3 below. This agreement is concluded in general terms without reference to a particular sector, whereas it is generally more favourable to a licensee. A distribution agreement is an agreement between a manufacturer and a supplier for the distribution and/or sale of manufactured items.

A franchise is a particular type of combined license and distribution, in which several elements are present. In addition, a GwG can protect your production company from competition with other manufacturers if you enter into an exclusive agreement. This gives you certainty, knowing that you are the only manufacturer of this product. The distributor can order end-user licenses below by placing an order with VENDOR. The number of end-user licenses for the software to be acquired is determined with each transmission of the order; End user`s name for each license The software version for each license and the fulfillment email address (as defined below). For each order, an “e-mail address” means the email address that is indicated in an order where execution documents must be sent to DISTRIBUTOR. If such an email address is not indicated in such an order, the execution email address for such an order is the distributor email address from which this order originates. Subject to the terms of this contract, VENDOR grants the DISTRIBUTOR, during the lifetime, a non-exclusive right and license to (a) market the software to end-users; (b) acquire software licenses for distribution to end-users; and (c) distribute software and licenses to end-users. DISTRIBUTOR may use VENDOR names, brands, service marks, trade names, product names and logos in relation to the software (VENDOR brands) for advertising, distribution and advertising of the software to end-users. The DISTRIBUTOR agrees not to modify, modify, hide, remove or modify a vendor trademark without THE prior consent of VENDOR. VENDOR is responsible for awarding an end-user contract to any end user authorized to use the Software.

The distributor agrees not to change or modify an end user agreement.

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