In Florida Real Estate Licensees May Not Fill In The Blanks On A Lease Agreement That

This form informs the management body of the association that the licensee has the right to obtain the information provided on behalf of the owner/shareholder. 6) If a client has a listing contract with a brokerage firm, the broker is the client`s agent. The licensees associated with the brokerage company are the broker`s agents and ___broker_s__ (b) the section of a hearing document refining what the Tribunal considers. (c) the section of the hearing document describing the allegations against the respondent. (d) the section of the hearing document explaining the offences committed by the respondent. This form is intended to be used as an option by agents if the contract form used in the transaction is a form that the agent does not use in the normal course of business, i.e. a party`s lawyer designed it or the form comes from a REO lender. It provides that the party may wish to obtain appropriate legal, tax or other professional advice before it can proceed with the transaction. a) Offer to purchase b) listing agreement c) leasing option agreement d) dual agency agreement 9) A broker may enter into a single agency contract with one of the following agreements, except? a) Performance of the contract b) Expiry of the contract c) Mutual agreement between broker and client d) Client Waiver 1) Agent Paul is obliged to inform his client of any fact that may affect the client`s interests, as long as Paul knows and what he should have “known”.


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