Good Custody Agreements

The child lives two days with one parent and the other parent for one day. This custody agreement can work well for young children and young children. It allows both parents to spend time with the child on weekdays and weekends and ensures that the child does not leave for a long time without seeing a parent. However, the schedule is constantly changing and requires parents to coordinate frequent exchanges that the child may find troublesome. Can you imagine another must-have that you have included in your custody agreement (or do you want to contain it? Please let us know in the comments so that we can share the knowledge with our mother-in-law all over the world. When it comes to school issues, clearly define childcare in your child care agreement if the child is not yet of school age or needs before or after school care. Where will the child go to kindergarten or daycare? Keep costs available, as childcare costs should, where applicable, be taken into account in the calculation of child support. “Nowadays, we have so many tools that allow us to organize custody,” says Wasser. .

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