Flea Market Vendor Agreement

(b) The seller does everything in his power to build screens to minimize disruptions in the operation of other suppliers. In addition, the seller is solely responsible for repairing damage and disruption that the seller may cause in the market or on the stalls or establishments of another supplier. The seller must be a provider of thoughtful summoning when creating screens and phrases for creating screens that can obstruct the lines of vision in a monstrous or elusive way. thus, taking into account the general aesthetic experience of the market in the contemplation of exhibits, materials, accessories, etc. By registering with the TPRFM, you agree to respect all rules, rules, schedules, etc. You agree that the TPRFM may record and/or use photos, videos and/or recordings of your booth for advertising purposes in print or television advertisements, brochures, postcards, leaflets, websites and other marketing materials. You agree not to blame the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market, LLC, its partners, its employees or its property if you do not make a profit. You understand that the Trenton Punk Rock flea market reserves the right to refuse any seller registration if it feels that the items for sale do not correspond to the DIY or punk-rock ethic of the primary mission of the event. They certify that you have read the TPRFM seller agreement or that you have been given the opportunity to read and understand the TPRFM seller agreement. PLEASE NOTE: We do not allow companies to advertise exclusively in our markets (i.e. set up information booths). The TPRFM does not offer refunds for our events.

In the event that a festival is postponed or cancelled due to an act of God or otherwise, entries are rescheduled for a new date of the festival. If you sign up for our events, recognize and accept this as our policy. The NJ Division of Taxation requires all sellers to be registered with the NJ State in order to collect VAT. If you are not registered with the NJ State to collect VAT, you can click here. If you need more information about registration with the state, please click here. Please note that, although this is not a condition for the Vend with the TPRFM, this is a requirement of the NJ State. To register for free, fill out the form under bit.ly/DUKTT3 and follow the mailing instructions. In signing below, I have voluntarily read, understood and signed the above waiver of liability as my act and deed, including, but not limited to, the liability and compensation obligations contained in this document; I am sufficiently informed of the risks associated with the use of CRRGC to decide whether this document should be signed; no oral statement, statement or inducement has been made, with the exception of the above written agreement; I am at least eighteen years old (18) years old and fully competent; and I am doing this document to get a complete, appropriate and complete reflection, which intends to be totally linked to the same thing.

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