Doe Agreements

(3) international treaties and agreements. All rights acquired by the contractor on inventions of property are subject to any provision relating to rights, titles or interests on or on inventions under the international contracts or agreements covered by the schedule [insert a reference] to this contract. DOE reserves the right to unilaterally amend this treaty to identify certain international treaties or agreements concluded or concluded by the government after this treaty enters into force and to fulfill the licence or other rights necessary to enable the government to fulfil its obligations to foreign governments, their nationals and international organizations under such international treaties or agreements with respect to inventive inventions after the date of the modification. (g) compensation – product liability. By entering into written technology transfer contracts, including research and development agreements, licenses, divestitures and CRADAs, the contractor undertakes to include in these agreements a commitment that the U.S. government and contractor, with the exception of negligence or omissions of the contractor, cover all damages, costs and expenses, including legal expenses. , resulting from personal or material damage resulting from the manufacture of goods or goods, to use or sell a product, process or service by or on behalf of the Subscriber, his agents or his licensees derived from the work done under the agreement. The contractor identifies and receives the contractor`s approval for all proposed exemptions to this requirement, for example. B where national or local law expressly prohibits the participant from paying compensation or when the results of the research are made public. 2. During the implementation of the technology transfer mission, the contractor is authorized to carry out activities that, not limited to: identification and protection of intellectual property manufactured, created or acquired in the laboratory or laboratory; negotiating intellectual property licensing agreements and contracts concluded, established or acquired in or by the laboratory controlled or owned by the contractor; bail bonds; Negotiating all aspects and adopting CRADAs; Provide technical advice and staff exchanges Implementation of eligible science training activities and strategic partnership (PPS) projects; Providing an exchange of information And the provision of production facilities for laboratories or weapons. The contractor should use all the mechanisms at its disposal to carry out this technology transfer mission, including, but not limited to, CRADAs, user institutions, PPS, scientific training activities, advice, staff, tasks and licensing in accordance with this clause. (a) Administrative and operational contractors are required, when preparing subcontracts or other agreements in which monetary payments or credits depend on the quantity and quality of nuclear materials, to ensure that each of these sub-contracts or agreements includes: (a) iii) rights to inventions made under non-financing agreements with third parties.

, are subject to the appropriate provisions which, with the authorization of DOE, in such agreements, and the provisions of these agreements prevail over any rights provision in this treaty.

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