Christina Spade Employment Agreement

The $84 million Ianiello paid was in favor of additional payments to Ianniello, in part for a signing bonus in April 2019, when he became CEO of CBS (no longer acting) and a termination agreement included in his contract when it was amended later last year. In December, he was appointed CEO of CBS Entertainment in the merged entity with a contract that lasted until March 2021. But he left the following month when ViacomCBS hired George Cheeks for the position. As part of LiveXLive Media Inc.`s acquisition of PodcastOne, PodcastOne Executive Chairman Norman Pattiz has agreed to a new 2-year employment contract under which he will receive an annual salary of $400,000. Pattiz, which has been offered 300,000 units of limited shares, is also entitled to an annual performance bonus for each full or partial year of its period of employment at PodcastOne. The labor agreement eliminates a major deadlock in talks to recombine companies, both controlled by National Amusements Inc. owned by Shari Redstone and her father Sumner Redstone. Discussions are continuing and they still face considerable obstacles, such as the exchange report in the all-stock agreement, a source said. On June 30, 2020, the company entered into an employment contract with Mr. (the “agreement”).

Chopra, who appointed Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, from August 10, 2020 to August 9, 2023, under the following conditions: – Outgoing Executive Vice President and General Manager Christina Spade of ViacomCBS receives an annual salary of US$700,000 from August 10 to December 1, with her cash bonus set at 200% of the annual base salary during this consultation period. Spade, which is entitled to receive its 2021 Equity Award on December 1 or before December 1, is also entitled to severance pay after termination without “reason” or resignation for “good reason” under the terms of its previously disclosed agreements. As part of her appointment as Chief Accounting Officer of Microsoft Corp., Alice Jolla will receive a $1.5 million bonus under the company`s 2017 share plan, which will be 6.25% per quarter depending on Jolla`s continued employment. Jolla has been a corporate controller at Microsoft since 2014. Joe Ianniello, acting CEO of CBS, would take into account all CBS assets that will not include the showtime cable network or book publisher Simon and Schuster, a source said. According to his employment contract, Ianniello is entitled to $70 million if he is not named CEO of CBS. First, the Wall Street Journal reported the deal on Friday. The figure includes $84 million for changes to its employment contracts with the company last year.

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