Bcps Espbc Master Agreement

In negotiations with the Board of Education, the afSCME, ESPBC, CASE and OPE trading units have agreed to merge their sickness bank into a single unified bank (USLB). USLB is a benefit to employees. Entitled workers will assess a portion of their cumulative absenteeism rate, so that other eligible workers who have exhausted their business leave in an illness or emergency situation will be able to take time off without loss of pay due to a catastrophic illness, injury or quarantine. Each unit`s main agreement contains an article or section on the purpose, definition, eligibility requirements, steering committee and USLB appeal procedure. The language of each chord is the same. For more information: www.baltimorecountymd.gov/departments/benefits/eap.html We want to take this opportunity to collect members` personal emails. Please use this link. This gives us another opportunity to contact you at times when BCPS emails may not be available. The new master agreement for the period 2020-2023 has been ratified and signed. Tabco is an organization that represents all educators in Baltimore County public schools. Tabco represents more than 9,000 people.

The Office of Risk Management and the Office of Payroll are responsible for the maintenance of all USLB records (e.g.B. number of applications, contributions and withdrawals, evaluations, etc.) The purpose of this document is to outline the rules of the USLB. The first section describes the tasks and responsibilities of the USLB Oversight Committee, the USLB Committee Bargaining Unit and the Office of Risk Management. The second section deals with the general rules of the USLB.

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