Afp Certified Agreement

Note: If any of the requirements of section 144(4), which are set out in the requirements of clause 4, are not met, the agreement may be terminated by staff or by the Commissioner with a written period not exceeding 28 days (see section 145 of the Act). (a) Subject to clause 7.2 (b), periods of separation and separation of a staff member, including meal breaks, shall be subject to the agreement between such staff and his or her team leader. (c) explain in detail how the application of each mandate has been modified by mutual agreement between the commissioner and the worker; (c) Any part-time work arrangements may be amended by agreement. This amendment must be recorded in writing. 4.5 The delegate shall extend a copy of the agreement to each member of the agreement and retain the agreement as a record of time and wages. (i) The employer shall keep a copy of an agreement in accordance with clause 15.7 as a record of workers. Training contract: a traineeship contract between an employer and an employee registered with the competent national or territorial authority 4.9 The right to conclude an agreement under clause 4 is, in addition to a provision relating to an agreement between the commissioner and a single worker, which is included in another period of that award: and must not affect them elsewhere. D.6.1 All SWS collective agreements under the conditions of this schedule, including the appropriate percentage of the relevant minimum wage to be paid to the worker, must be submitted by the employer to the Fair Work Commission. (c) has been certified by a physician approved by the Commissioner that he or she has declared himself or herself to be in good health; and 16.5 If the service of an AFP staff member has been provided without interruption with the service of an authority or body constituted by or under an act of the Commonwealth, the Australian Public Service or the Australian Defence Force, he or she may be credited, in agreement with the Commissioner, for the duration of the personal leave that would have been incurred if the entire previous service had been with AFP, net of periods of personal leave that were taken during that other period of service in the absence of a break of more than two calendar months from the previous period of service or employment.

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